About Atlaski

Online news is traditionally and most commonly presented in a near-chronological and textual format, mimicking the traditional style of newspapers. Commonly providing readers with little in-sight into the geographical significance of stories beyond textual mention of location. Sometimes a small map is provided though often non-interactive and contextually isolated to that particular story.

This project aims to democratise the presentation of online news in a geographical format.

Curated Maps

If persons wish to curate their own collections of news stories they are typically restricted to a textual format, providing a list of links and summaries of stories collated from around the web. Collating a list of textual links to share on the internet can be done with ease in the age of social media. However, sharing a geographical map of news stories is markedly more difficult.

This project attempts to ease this difficulty by providing a web-service to would-be-curators, with a means to build, curate and share geographically mapped collections of news stories online with minimal effort and technical knowledge.

World Map Search

All the stories from curated maps are pooled into a searchable database, using search above you can quickly look for stories which matter to you without signing up.

What is Atlaski?

Atlaski is a geographic search engine of news, Atlaski is also a place to build curated maps of news.

How do I search for news?

Use the search box on the homepage to search for news which interests you, then use the calendar to explore through time.

What are the curated maps for?

Curated maps are maps with a specific focus pulling news from a select set of sources. These maps provide the bank of news stories which are searchable by anyone.

How can I become a curator of my own map?

Register for an account to begin curating your own map.

Curated Maps
Conflict Mapby Eric D'Addio
BBC News, UK & Worldby John Doe
Endangered Animalsby Eden Brackenbury